Back to Zakynthos after 3 years

Hello Greece lovers. Today I will let you know about my latest boat trip to Zakynthos. It took place last October and it was my second time travelling from Kefalonia to Zante after my trip in 2013.
This time I got the chance to join a group of polish tourists from the hotel I was working in and also others from different hotels.

5:30 o'clock in the morning and we are ready to go. The bus is quite small but it takes us fast enough from Kounopetra to Lixouri and we have enough time to grab a coffee while waiting for the ferry.
I'm still half asleep. At 6:30 we are arriving to Argostoli and I am starting slowly to wake up just in time to capture couple of shots of the sun rising behind the hills.

The road to Skala takes almost an hour and the sky is cloudy. As we reach Skala the sun is up. Another coffee and we embark on the "Hermes" boat along other tourists, mainly english.
We leave Kefalonia behind and I get the chance to ride beside the captain. There are 4 of us here: the captain, myself, the polish guide and the english guide who will turn out to be a funny little man. He will make the ride enjoyable despite of the waves that keep on crushing the boat over and over again making some of the tourists feel dizzy.

Zakynthos awaits us with its rough coastline. The sun is fighting to warm the Earth between the moody clouds. I am enthusiast to be again on the Shipwreck beach after 3 years.

Around 9 o'clock we arrive on the beach which is empty. Just a couple of adrenaline junkies jump with the parachutes from the upper edge of the bay landing near the shipwreck.

We spend one hour taking photos and enjoying the view. Too bad most of the time it's cloudy but when the sun hits the surface of the water there is an enourmous pleasure to get lost in its tourquoise colour.

Off we go to the blue caves and its surroundings. The english guide is telling us about the places, the old monasteries and different cliffs with strange forms. People are exciting taking photos and discussing about different trips to Zakynthos and other greek islands.

The weather overall is not favorable for a swim even though we see some other people from smaller boats jumping in the water near the blue caves.
I remember 3 years ago when I was there with my colleagues in August and we enjoyed exploring the caves swimming.

The next stop is Vassiliki harbour where we have a delicious lunch: grilled calamari, greek salad and a cold Mythos beer. I went and bought couple of souvenirs from the shops nearby. The harbour seems a little deserted, probably because the end of the season is here.
On the way back the english tour guide invites the more courageous tourists to enact the favourite Titanic scene when Jack and Rose are on the edge of the boat with their arms wide open.

It's around 2pm when we reach Skala. I am thankful to the captain for the whole experience.
We leave Skala behind. On the road back we feel the humidity rising. The sky is covered with clouds. We arrive at the hotel around 5pm , ready for a refreshing shower, cocktails and dinner.

In conclusion it wasn't the worst experience but I personally wouldn't recommend it. I still believe the best way to explore a place is by yourself in a car. If you have the chance take a smaller boat to Shipwreck beach so on the way back you can have the opportunity to explore the blue caves ans swim there. That's why I invite you to discover more about my previous trip to Zante in 2013 HERE and HERE.
Have you been to Zakynthos until now?! Which places on the island are your favourites? What about Kefalonia? HERE are 10 reasons why I think you should visit this amazing island!!

Until next time! Keep on travelling!

Have a great day


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