It snowed on Ainos Mt. Kefalonia and the pictures are amazing

January brings snow and low temperatures all over Europe. Kefalonia didn't make an exception. Even though personally I would like to see some snow on the beach, I have to settle only for the mountains. 

Ainos is covered in white sparkly snow and the views are wonderful. Some of the locals adventured themselves in order to enjoy the new sights and take some photos. Here are some of the most beautiful of them. All pictures belong to THEMIS DK. (Instagram)

"Mount Aenos or Ainos (Italian: Monte Nero or Montagna Nera) is the tallest mountain in the Ioanian island of Cephalonia, Greece. Its elevation is1,628 metres (5,341 ft). Most of the mountain range is designated as a National Park area and is covered with Greek fir and black pine. Semi wild ponies inhabit its forest. On clear days, the view includes the NW Peloponnese and Aetolia along with the islands of Zakynthos, Lefkada, and Ithaca.

No ski resorts are found on this mountain range, but there are beautiful caves to be seen in the north. A highway passes over the mountain range connecting traffic from southwestern to the eastern part of the island is one of the few roads going into the mountain range. Approximately 3,000 to 4,000 people live on the slopes of Ainos. 

Multiple television and cell phone relay towers occupy the summit.

The easiest way to get to the summit is to drive along the Mt Ainos road from the North West to the transmitter station. Leave your car here and then continue along the dirt track on foot for about 10 minutes until you reach some steps to the right and a sign post. Go up these steps for another 10 minutes to reach the summit. A concrete post at the summit has a metal container strapped to it, this contains a visitor book.

A more strenuous walk is the well maintained and signposted route from Digaleto, on the road from Sami to Poros. Drive, or walk, along the road heading West, signposted to Ainos/Einos.

The official walk starts at a quarry, about 1 km out of the village. Walk through the quarry and follow the signs containing a white square on a yellow background (some of these signs are a little rusty and appear to be red, or will have fallen down but the pathway is quite obvious). All the major junctions have a map and most have shaded rest areas. Much of the walk is below the tree line and can be cool even in the summer, there are occasional view points along the route. The climb is 1096 meters and the length is 6.5 km." (Wikipedia)

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Agios Gerasimos, Pessada, Agia Varvara and other hidden gems on Kefalonia

It's been 7 years since I've arrived for the first time on Kefalonia and every summer I enjoy the most exploring the island. In particular I like showing this beautiful place to new people, in this case my new colleagues. It was the end of August when we embarked on another day trip around the island.

Early in the morning we started driving from Kounopetra to Lixouri and around the bay to the capital city, Argostoli. Our first stop was De Bosset Bridge, a stone bridge built in 1813 over the bay of Argostoli. At 689.9 meters, it is the longest stone bridge over the sea in the world.

After a short stop and few pictures we continued towards Saint Varvara church. The small chapel is located outside of Argostoli, in a cave under the main road. The area was originally called Agia Varvara. It is a lovely place worth exploring. Read more about the legend of Varvara HERE.

On an attempt to visit Ainos Mt. we discovered the National Park was closed due to the high rick of fire. The summer of 2020 was unfortunately filled with local fires in different regions of the island, due to the high temperatures and dry crops or, some say, shady locals fighting for land.

After a few minutes spent on the area in front of the Ainos National Park, admiring the surroundings, we've decided to drive to Agio Gerasimos Church. Saint Gerasimos of Kefalonia is the patron saint of the island.

The body of Saint Gerasimos is at the monastery, made available for veneration as it has never decomposed. During the feasts of Saint Gerasimos – August 16th and 20 October (translation of relics) – his body is passed over ill and sick persons for the purpose of healing them. Did you know that a church named after Saint Gerasimos was established in New York City by Kefalonians who emigrated to New York in the early 20th century?

Leaving the church behind we continue our journey to one of my favourite and most idilic beaches, Pessada. The main beach next to the small harbor is quite narrow, sandy and with amazing blue water on a beautiful background, Ainos on the left side, Zakynthos further away to the front. Walk for about 5 minutes to your right side and discovered another hidden gem, a small sandy, picturesque cove. A big sign at the beginning says to leave your shoes there and people always respect that. Lots of tourists and locals come here during the hot summer days for a refreshing swim break. Explore the small water caves on its right side, the views are incredible.

We've stayed here just for a short while as we've decided to spent the afternoon swimming and sunbathing on the famous Makris Gialos beach, in Lassi. Almost every day off end here because we enjoyed spending time around many people, doing water sports and enjoying a few rounds of cold beers in the lovely Costa Costa Beach Bar. This beach is sandy, very long, plenty of sunbeds, umbrellas or place to sit on the sand. Many tourists choose other more quiet places, and we do too, yet when it comes to a vivid place, this is it.

As we watch the sun going down we look back at this beautiful day and appreciate how many extraordinary places Kefalonia has to offer. The diversity of natural beauties, cultural and historical places, tasty food and drinks and friendly locals are just a few of the reasons why I choose summer after summer to come back here. Hopefully 2021 will bring me the opportunity to visit and live there for the summer another time.

If you enjoy discovering the island and its marvels, make sure to check out Poros and the Avithos and Tzanata Lakes. Looking for the perfect day in the sun? Look no further, discover Petani beach, a piece of heaven on Kefalonia.

'till next time, take care.