The marvelous beaches of Erissos, northern Kefalonia

Erissos is the name of the northern part of Kefalonia, Greece. The highlights include two of the most impressive villages of the island, the picturesque Assos and the colorful Fiskardo . The rest of the area has numerous villages with traditional houses.


Wild nature, beautiful beaches with blue crystal clear waters and stunning views make this region a corner of paradise.


The painting is completed by forests of cypress trees, unique rock formations and stunning views towards Ithaka, Lefkada and, on a clear day, mainland Greece.


I will leave aside the main beaches of Assos and Fiskardo as they are pretty busy, especially in the high season and I will concentrate on the pristine ones.


The beaches predominantly have white pebbles, crystal clear water and they are surrounded by lush vegetation.

Alaties is a small cove, surrounded my rocks. There is a nice restaurant near by, with great dishes and beautiful sunset view.


Dafnoudi and Kimilia are hidden among trees and rocks. Perfect for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing, they are to be found after a nice walk through the forest.

Escape the daily murmur and find your own piece of nice and quiet on these beaches. Don't forget your swimming shoes, water and food.


Emplisi is a bit more touristic but the views are stunning. It is quite close to Fiskardo and a 5 stars hotel. There are olive trees on the beach, a parking and a small shop for refreshments and snacks. Explore the forest near by and discover amazing rock formations, both natural and man made.


On the eastern coast you will find Foki, Xylokaravo, Evreti and Kamini beaches.

They are all small oasis of pure tranquility. The last 3 are best to visit by boat.
Dive into the Ionian blue, read a book under the olive trees and explore the raw, beautiful greek nature. Again, don't forget to take everything you need with you as these beaches have no shops, sunbeds or umbrellas.

Well, if you are a nature lover and a day on the beach, among the trees is your favorite way of spending it, then you are in for a treat.

My favorites from the above are Kimilia, Emplisi and Foki.  Which are yours?

Looking for an experience to remember on the biggest greek island of the Ionian Sea? Look no further.
Here are the best places to visit on this corner of paradise

Sunset lovers, here are the best places on Kefalonia to watch the incredible end of the day.

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Kefalonia 2020 - a must see guide to an unforgettable holiday

Looking for an experience to remember on the biggest greek island of the Ionian Sea? Look no further. Here are the best places to visit on this corner of paradise.

Myrtos beach

6 summers on the island, 2 years of working and travelling, discovering beautiful hidden gems, being amazed by the breathtaking views and making memories to last a lifetime; this is how I can summarize my experiences on Kefalonia.

Here are couple of "must see" gems that the island has to offer.

1. Myrtos and Assos


The most instagrammable places on the island must be these ones. The view from the top of Myrtos beach is to die for, turquoise waters and white pebbles. Doing paragliding above Myrtos is a must do activity. Assos is a small fishing village with colorful houses. The venetian ruins offer an unforgettable view.

2. Fiskardo and the beaches near by


The northest village on the island is one of the few that remained intact after the 1953 earthquake. Hundreds of boats and yachts, colorful houses and roman vestiges are awaiting you in this corner of paradise. You might even bump into a movie star on the narrow streets. The beaches near by are some of the most beautiful on the island. All are surrounded by green, lush vegetation, with white pebbles and clear blue water. Emplisi, Foki, Kimilia and Dafnoudi are perfect for snorkeling and sun bathing.

3. Agia Efimia and Ithaka

Agia Efimia & Ithaka

In Agia Efimia are so many cozy restaurants with delicious greek cuisine and not only. Rent a boat and explore the small beaches on the north of the village for a piece of tranquility. Book a trip to the island of Ulysses, Itaka. Explore Kouni and Vathi and follow the steps of the greek mythology. 

4. The caves

Melissani Cave

Melissani is probably the most well known with its boat ride on the underground lake. Few know that close by are another 2 small caves worth visiting, Zervati, free of charge. Drogarati has great acoustics, Maria Callas was so impressed that she had to have a concert there. 

5. Antisamos and the ruins of the Old Same


Another beautiful beach surrounded by lush vegetation, this time more commercial, is Antisamos. Cool down the summer heat with a mojito at one of the newest restaurants, while swinging in a hammock. Go up and discover the ruins of the old city of Same with fortifications, massive stone walls and churches. Explore the green hills through the olive groves.

6. Mount Ainos and St. George's Castle

View over Zkynthos from Ainos Mt.

Drive all the way up to the peak of the highest mountain of the Ionian Islands for a 360 view of Zakynthos, Lefkada and the mainland. Go hiking through the pine forest and, if you are lucky, you will spot the wild horses. Take a walk on the history lane while exploring the old capital city of the island, St George's Castle offers beautiful views over the Lassi area and Ainos Mt..

7. Lassi and Pessada

Makri Gialos beach

Feeling sociable, go to Lassi, probably the most commercial part of the island. It combines crowded, sandy beaches, Makri Gialos, and a diverse palette of bars and restaurants with more calm places, ideal for a relaxing swim, Gradakia. Walk to Saint Theodore Lighthouse for a beautiful sunset. Drive to the small harbor of Pessada and discover the beach where you can walk on only barefoot. Continue your adventure by taking the ferry to Zakynthos.

8. Poros and Skala

Skala Beach

Commercial areas where nature has plenty of secrets to unfold. Have your lunch between rocks at Remetzo restaurant in Poros and explore the bottomless lake close by. Suntan on the wide and long beach of Skala and grab dinner at one of the fancy restaurants near by. Book a one day boat trip to Koutsopia beach to recharge your batteries.

8. Argostoli and Lixouri

Saint Theodore Lighthouse, near Argostoli

Visit the capital city, Argostoli, to see the Caretta Caretta turtles in the harbor and enjoy the local cuisine at one of the many tavernas. Enjoy a frappe on the recently renovated main square. Explore the city center with so many souvenir shops and architectural gems. Take the 30 minutes ride with the ferry to Lixouri. Walk the colorful streets and lay in the sun on Lepeda beach.

9. Petani and Agia Eleni

Sunset seen from Petani Bay Hotel

Feeling adventurous? A 20 minutes drive from Lixouri and couple of steep curbs, there is Petani beach. A gem with both sand and pebbles, Petani is well known for the resemblance it has with Myrtos. Watch the sunset from Petani Bay Hotel. Agia Eleni is not so popular because is a bit harder to find, especially if you are on the island for the first time, but believe me, the locals know why they don't want the tourists to find it. It is absolutely stunning, a retreat for couples and those who just want to be in the middle of nature, away from civilization.

10. South of Paliki

Platia Ammos view point

The southern part of the western peninsula is sprinkled with so many small gems. Watch the sunset on Vrachinari beach and enjoy fresh sea food on Vatsa. Go for a swim on Lagadakia beach and explore Chavdata and Chavriata villages. Visit Kipoureon Monastery and walk to Platia Ammos view point for an incredible picture perfect shot. Choose a mud bath on Kounopetra and do water sports on the red sand beach Xi. Book a sea taxi from Zola to Fteri beach or hike in the mountains. Find the perfect spot for relaxation on Atheras or enjoy the sound of waves on Vouti beach.

Vouti beach

There are so many other amazing places on the island and so many experiences a tourist can have. Personally I love it because of the kindness of the locals, the fresh food and the fact that the island is not so touristic. 


The views are spectacular and yes, the roads can be sometimes dangerous, but nothing I've seen in my 11 summers on Greece can equal the memories I've made on Kefalonia. 
I would like to add the monasteries, the wineries, the crazy lovely goats that are everywhere, climbing trees and rocks, the sunsets on the sea side and so many more; but for that you can also check out the articles below.

Check out more pictures in my recent interview with Kefalonia Press.

What is your favorite greek island and why? Would you consider having your 2020 holiday on Kefalonia?

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