Jumpin'Journal - pages of a diary (III)

     We clean our bodies and our lingerie, our houses and our cars, we take care of the outside on a regular basis, but what about the inside? What about our soul, our interior self? When do we make time to clean our inside path?
     Sometimes we live like pigs, we are disgusted by the mess we are living in but we don't do anything about it because we are incapable and we realise we could move on and change the scenery but we remain attracted to the mess we've been living in all our life the same as a person is attracted to danger even though the first instinct it should be to run.

     I wonder how long it will take me to finish Fernando Pessoa's "The Book of Disquiet"?! After each extract I feel the need to analyse myself.

Ancient Temple of Zeus, Athens(1), Zappeion, Athens(2), Marmaris Castle, Marmaris, Turkey(3)

     We live in the age of narcissism and social alienation, when society tryes to divide us and to sell us per parts. Every day there's a new ad showing how to have the perfect bottom, how to have the smoothest legs, ageless skin, ripped abs, perfect smile etc, what is this craze with having our bodies sold per parts just like machines? The same happens with the inside, there are so many books on how to get wealthy, how to have confidence, how to talk, walk, breath and die. Too many confusing ads and info make us get lost and become materialistic, self centered, money chasing robots.
     Last night I read a very beautiful article that made me sleep peaceful and aroused my creativity. It was about how we endure and find hope in a crazy world. Here are couple of lines that spoke to me:

     "I’ve always loved funky rustic quilts more than elegant and maybe lovelier ones.You see the beauty of homeliness and rough patches in how they defy expectations of order and comfort. They have at the same time enormous solemnity and exuberance. They maybe made of rags, torn clothes that don’t at all go together, but they somehow can be muscular and pretty. The colors are often strong, with a lot of rhythm and discipline and a crazy sense of order.They’re improvised, like jazz, where one thing leads to another, without any idea of exactly where the route will lead, except that it will refer to something else maybe already established, or about to be. Embedded in quilts and jazz are clues to escape and strength, sanctuary and warmth. The world is always going to be dangerous, and people get badly banged up, but how can there be more meaning than helping one another stand up in a wind and stay warm?" Anne Lamott

     We are not machines, we don't have a switch on/off button. I can't be happy from 1pm to 2pm and then switch off my happiness button and switch on my sadness button. Neither one of us is only good or bad, or just sad or happy, we are all a complex of feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences and they are all interconnected inside of us. Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down, sometimes we take good decisions and other times not so good decisions but at the end of the day we are able to stand up brush the pain and remorse away and embrace the good side, the positive part of this wide experience called life. All the pieces inside of us can be united by either positive or negative thoughts. I used to think that all this mess of fragments of experiences that is my life doesn't make anything else but to confuse me and get me lost, but now , slowly but surely, I started to change my way of thinking, all those patches that I use to see as a mess, made me the person that I am today, stronger, braver, more down to earth while still allowing to have my head in the clouds from time to time, more balanced, mare peaceful inside and out.
     Everything happens for a reason and even though sometimes it seems hard to find out which is that reason, don't lose hope, keep on working with yourself, improve your body and mind and be patient. Enjoy every moment, make time to spend with your loved ones and enjoy as many happy moments as possible. Allow yourself to live every emotion, be mad when you feel like, cry when you feel like, don't hide your emotions and close them in the back of your mind and find excuses saying that you'll deal with them later because otherwise you'll risk to have a breakdown out of the blue, to fight over meaningless things and hurt the people that care about you.

Platia Ammos, Kefalonia(1,2), Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia(3)

     When you're young you have more energy, more spontaneity. Sometimes I'm thinking of things that I've done in my past and I laugh at myself saying that I was so crazy and naive, but maybe this is exactly what I needed to be in order to experience as many and different things as I could. As the years go by, sadly but true , many of the people that I know, neighbours, work colleagues, highschool colleagues. acquaintances etc, follow the same trend, they get married very young, make some children, work and work, have a holiday one time per year, buy a house with money from the bank and then spend their lives in an unstoppable money chase... you get the point, the conclusion is that many forget to enjoy their youth and they grow up too fast, they forget about the small details, exactly the things that make the difference. And they wake up when it's already too late, some never.
     I met also happy people, fewer but they still exist, and they told me the same thing "don't forget to play, otherwise you'll grow old", Fairy tales can come true if you're young at heart. Keep your mind open, allow yourself to make mistakes, travel the world, learn new languages, laugh every day, be excited and love with all your heart, be rich with experiences, travels and people and not with material things.

"Don't you know that it's worth
Every treasure on earth to be young at heart
For as rich as you are 
It's much better by far to be young at heart

And if you should survive to a hundred and five 
Look at all you'll derive out of bein' alive
And here is the best part, you have a head start 
If you are among the very young at heart"
Frank Sinatra

Skala Beach, Kefalonia(1), Ionian Sea Hotel & Waterpark, Kefalonia(2)

     The pictures were taken on Kefalonia Is., such a wild, delightful place, Athens, the full of contradictions capital of Greece, and Marmaris, Turkey on a short trip from Rhodes with a fast ferry.
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To be continued.



Jumpin'Journal - pages of a diary (II)

"Popularity is the slutty cousin of prestige."

     Let's go back in highschool, a period of time so important for every person's development, a time for questions, confusion, discoveries, competitivity, a period that marks everyone in one way or another. We've watched so many movies showing the american highschool life, we see the popular boys and girls, the jocks and the cheerleaders, the nerds, the outsiders and we realise that almost everywhere is the same; highschool is a very hard period of time. If it was for me I would recommend highschool to be attended when we are 25-30 years old, this is how hard it can be going through this hell of a phase.

Kalithea Therme, Rodos

     It's a time for labels and bullying, for superficial values, but hopefully there is also a silver lining, a time for good, healthy friendships and beautiful romantic love stories. But what I wanna talk about today is popularity. Let's be honest, we all wanted at a certain time to be popular in highschool. We know how important are the looks, the car, the clothes, the people you're hanging with, but all of this is such a shallow way of going through adolescence, without parent's money the popular ones wouldn't be anything else but empty recipients. And still we all wanted to be in the limelight for a reason or other. As the years go by I realise being popular is just as ephemeral as the smoke of a cigarette that back then the cool ones were sneaking around the corner to inhale.
     This is when I realise that having prestige is a whole new page of the book. There is such a big difference between being popular and being prestigious. Having your work appreciated by relevant people, offering unselfish help, being a respectful person is much more rewarding than being popular. Leaving a mark in a certain domain of activity or being noted for the contribution brought to a discovery, touching someone's life in a positive, uplifting way, these are things that really, truly matter.
     Living in a world dominated by non valors is very easy to lose yourself in the abundance of information, people and places. They say the future belongs not to the strongest one but to the most adaptable to change. Well, I come and ask: what is this suppose to mean? Should I change as a cameleon from a day to another, just to keep up with the changes? It feels false and antagonic compared with staying true to yourself, right?! And if I would want to survive and so become flexible, that means I approve being false and narcissistic, selfish, hedonistic. Well I dare to say every person has the right to live their lives the way they please as long as they don't influence negatively the ones around.

Lindos Beach, Lindos, Rodos(1), Kalimera Kriti Hotel, Sissi, Crete(2), Vai Beach, Crete(3)

     Let's talk a little bit about friends and friendships. Being friends lost its main purpose. Too many people are pretending to be so called friends but actually having hidden interests. They say you see who your true friends are when you hit rock bottom. You see their true faces when you need somebody's help the most. It use to be a time in my life when I used to say that I have so many diverse friends and they are all the kind of people I could call at 3 in the morning from the middle of nowhere and they will rush to help me. Aw, well, as time passed by my so called "friends" got sifted the same way as you do with flour through a sieve. Every relation, either is a friendship, a partnership or love, it has to have, in my opinion, 3 solid bricks at its ground: understanding, respect and trust. Friends should not judge each other but listen and support, they should not gossip each other but trust each other and respect their privacy. They should accept each other and learn from one another.
     I met many types of people, some of them became my summer friends, others just acquaintances, good friends that I have since I was in primary school and many many more. Every friendship is different, with some you can be friends for life, with others for a short period of time and with others you just grow apart slowly but surely.

Kalithea Therme, Rodos

     Now I arrived at the point where I can honestly say: who left, left, who stayed, stayed, who will come, will come. I'm gonna enjoy the very present moment, learning from the past and keeping an eye on the future - balance restored. I will spend my time with people that I love, people that care about me truly and not waste any other second with cheap people.

     "I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I've become arrogant, but simply because I reached a point in my life where I don't want to waste more time with what displeases or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism and demands of any nature. I lost the will to please those who not like me, to love those who do not love me and to smile at those who do not want to smile at me.
     I no longer spend a single minute on those who lie or want to manipulate. I decided not to coexist anymore with pretense hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. I do not tolerate selective erudition nor academic arrogance. I do not adjust either to popular gossiping. I hate conflict and comparisons. I believe in a world of opposites and that's why I avoid people with rigid and inflexible personalities. In friendship I dislike the lack of loyalty and betrayal. I do not get along with those who do not know how to give a compliment or a word of encouragement. Exaggerations bore me and I gave difficulty accepting those who do not like animals. And on top of everything I have no patience for anyone who does not deserve my patience." Source

Kounopetra, Kefalonia(1,3), Ancient Acropolis of Same, Sami, Kefalonia(2)

     The pictures in this post were taken in Kalithea Therme and Lindos on Rhodes Is., two very beautiful places where you can relax, sunbathe or explore the surroundings, places I totally recommend for a may/september getaway otherwise are pretty busy during the summer months; other pics were taken on Kalimera Kriti beach and Vai beach on Crete Is. -  Crete is the biggest and southern island of Greece and it's a marvelous place with so many attractions, from long sandy beaches to high mountains, caves and gorges, from mosques and castles to shopping malls, lakes, monasteries, lagoons and many other. It is a must see.
     Last but not least the last colaj is composed by pictures taken on the wild, stunning island of Kefalonia, a great holiday retreat for young and elderly and especially for those nature lovers.

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To be continued



Jumpin'Journal - pages of a diary (I)

     Summer - when I think about summer I immediately associate it with my experiences in Greece. I have worked and lived there for 2 years and a half during 7 summer seasons. In couple of words I went there for the first time in 2007 and I kept going back all over again because I was mesmerised by the beauty of the landscapes and the false but sweet impression of freedom.

Kalimera Kriti Hotel, Sissi, Crete(1,2), Rodos Maris Hotel, Kiotari(3), Rodos

     When I started this journal I had to lookup pictures from years ago. Watching these pictures I became nostalgic at first, angry and then calm, contemplative. After that I started thinking why are all these emotions in my head?! Every summer I spent in Greece was unique: new places, new people I met, new experiences but the thing that for me connects all the pieces together is the feeling of independence, of freedom. I was doing something for my own. I was travelling, making my own money, I was enjoying the climate, the views, the friends, the drinks, the food, the parties, the job and the list can go on and on. I felt that I was enriching my soul and everytime I have a conversation with someone about what makes us rich I say with all my heart: our experiences, our memories.

     I watched a very good movie recently, it's called "Birdman", it's nominated for the Oscars. The main idea of the movie was, in my opinion, how to stay relevant in a society in which values fade in the shadow of the grotesque which is promoted with a shameless nonchalance; it becomes frustrating to struggle to stay relevant. And I'm asking you now, how do you keep yourself relevant?

Costa Lindia Hotel, Lardos, Rodos 

     Most of us, mostly without even acknowledging, are in a permanent race to stay relevant. We are struggling on a daily bases, buying new clothes, books, games, downloading the newest aps, attending events that we consider important, following trends, trying to set new trends, having conversations, planning holidays etc etc. Nowadays internet allows us to upload anything we want and to access such a diverse palet of information. Sometimes it becomes frustrating to find a way to stand up from the crowd. We were raised in a society that sustains competitivity and I don't have anything against it as long as it doesn't go off the rails but at the end of the day we can't all be the best. And that is that. And now I'm asking you: is it that bad to be simple? Is it that bad to just be your own self? We weren't all born to be math geniuses or to walk on the Moon but the fact is nobody is totally the same like another. We are unique and we have a purpose. Everything happens for a reason and even though sometimes we don't know what is that reason , we need to keep moving, stay true to ourselves by evolving in a better us and keeping a balance and a mutual positive relation with the environement and the people around us.
     I know it sounds utopic and many other more intelligent people wrote about this subject but I arrived at the conclusion that all of this is true.

     Back to the subject of relevancy, some people are so desperate to stand out that all they achieve is to show off so much falling on the ridiculous waggon. The lucky ones make peace with themselves and realise that it's not about what the others think but themselves and the persons who truly matter in their lives.

Costa Lindia Hotel, Lardos(1), Prasonisi(2), Tsambika Beach(3), Rodos

     Looking back at the pictures I relive those moments when subconsciously I was trying so hard to stay relevant in the eyes of everyone else , except myself. Now I arrived at the conclusion that it's ok to struggle to impress for a while in an experimental phase, it's ok to make mistakes, especially when you feel the need to try everything at least once, but as the time goes by the purpose is to grow, to improve yourself, to learn from the previous experiences and to evolve into a better self.

     Even this blog if I take it as an example is in fact a way to stay relevant at a certain level. I don't have followers and probably not more than 20 people will bother reading until this point but what matters the most is that I leave a mark, a small one, an insignificant one, but still it is there in the big blogosphere, so maybe one day, who knows, somebody will read these lines and if at least one person will feel intrigued or touched by these words then even better.

     "Jumpin'Journal" I called it and I called it so because at a first sight you'll see pictures with me obviously jumping out of enthusiasm or for fun but the real meaning is between the lines, sometimes jumping over obstacles, other times smashing my head into them, jumping to conclusions compared with thinking first before I speak, a trajectory of my way of thinking and evolving over the years.
    The pics shown in this first page of this journal had been taken on Crete and Rhodes Islands between 2008 and 2011, 2 beautiful places that are worth visiting.

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 To be continued




Din capitolul "cu ce-mi mai umplu noptile in ultima vreme", va prezint: 

"Sămânța" - Poveste de adormit copiii

"O samanta a fost plantata. A mijit ochii mirata , confuza, tremurand. Cu toate ca nu stia nimic si nu-si putea imagina ce se intampla cu ea, nu s-a gandit nici o secunda sa dea inapoi.

Anii au trecut si samanta a inceput sa se transforma mai intai intr-un mic bulb, apoi sa se dezvolte si mai apoi un firicel si-a strecurat trupul firav prin pamantul tare. Uitase ca se nascuse confuza. Locul confuziei fusese luat de curiozitate. Fiecare zi  ii intensifica emotia. Gandul de a iesi la lumina ii umplea tot timpul. Toate gandurile si toate visele ei erau pline de speranta si asteptare arzanda. In unele nopti auzea zgomote in solul in care se afla. In unele nopti erau mai mult pulsatii care ii produceau un anume disconfort. In alte nopti simtea un aer cald care o invaluia protectiv si o ajuta sa se inalte cu inca un milimetru; sau cel putin asa ii placea sa creada.

Dupa ceva vreme a simtit ca nu mai are loc, ca se sufoca, parca o apasa tavanul sau poate doar crescuse prea mult pentru locul in care se afla. Auzise ca alte seminte erau deja in lume, acolo, sus, la lumina soarelui si se necajise la gandul ca doar ea ramasese in urma. Chiar se infuriase si la un moment dat s-a invinuit pentru propria-i nenorocire.

A mai trecut o vreme si in sfarsit momentul a sosit. Nu-si mai aminteste exact toate detaliile , euforia momentului ii lasase o usoara amnezie, insa isi aminteste clar cand a simtit soarele pe trupul ei firav. Era atat de moale, atat de bland, nu foarte fierbinte ca dorinta ei de a-l cunoaste insa nici prea rece ca adancimile din care venise; caldut intr-atat sa o faca sa si-l doreasca constant in viata ei. In sfarsit razbise prin sol, ajunsese in momentul pentru care isi pregatise bratele deschise inca din frageda pruncie. Insa nu a deschis bine ochii si nu s-a bucurat indeajuns de primele raze caci umbra i-a acoperit privirea.

S-a trezit inconjurata de multe alte seminte, mai mari, mai solide , cele crescute inaintea ei. Acum toate stateau in jurul ei si o priveau. Unele erau mirate, altele susoteau. Cateva s-au apropiat si de-a lungul zilelor ce au urmat i-au povestit cate-n luna si-n soare. S-au infratit. Au trecut prin ploi si zapezi, vanturi si secete. Crescute din acelasi sol, udate de aceeasi ploaie, frunza-n frunza catre soare. Doar ca zile au venit si zile au plecat iar samanta simtea ceva nou in interiorul ei. Nu era caldura dogoritoare a curiozitatii si nici bucuria nemasurata a vederii soarelui. Era ceva nou ce nu-si putea explica dar care o invaluia domol in caldura iar cand se facea nevazut ii lasa un gust dulce amar. La inceput l-a ignorat insa in timp a inceput sa fie mai mult amar decat calduros , sentimentul acesta.

Zi dupa noapte si anotimp dupa anotimp, samanta a trait si a crescut alaturi de suratele ei. Unele au fost furate de departari iar altele au aparut din neant. Zilele erau sub semnul faptei si al zumzetului, pe cand noptile ale meditatiei si ale viselor. Si incet dar sigur samanta noastra si-a dat seama ca mai toate celelalte seminte erau asemenea insa niciuna la fel ca ea. Ea simtea altfel. Era altfel. Era ciudata!? Era nebuna!? Era stramba!? Semintele au vazut-o nedumerita si-au tras-o dupa ele, unele intr-o parte, altele intr-alta insa samanta vroia sa-si gaseasca calea ei. A inceput sa realizeze ca se incurcase mult si dupa vorbele suratelor n-ar mai fi fost cale de intoarcere insa a refuzat sa le asculte. Stia ca vrea ceva schimbat , stia ca vroia sa scape de amaraciunea aceea suparatoare. Vroia sa se inalte dar simtea ca nu poate sa o faca de una singura. Avea nevoie de ajutor.

Intr-o zi o furtuna mare a venit si samanta s-a trezit brusc langa un arac. O bucata slaba de lemn langa care nu avea ce sa caute sau cel putin asa credea. Aracul a privit-o bland si a inceput sa prinda drag de ea. I-a spus ca o s-o ajute dar samanta a refuzat privindu-l suspect. Dupa cateva zile, mai in gluma, mai in joaca, a inceput sa-si agate trupul de el. La un moment dat s-a clatinat dar el a prins-o. Dupa alte cateva zile a fost luata de vant si s-a trezit lovita la pamant. A crezut ca nu merita sa fie langa arac, daca pana si natura o smulgea de langa el, era un semn. Doua saptamani mai tarziu si erau atasati din nou. Samanta acum incepea sa creada cu adevarat in ajutorul lui, iar aracul era fericit ca in sfarsit se intelegeau.

In tot timpul acesta celelalte seminte i-au urmarit si si-au foit frunzele, s-au indoit si s-au ingalbenit. Lor de ce nu le daduse nimeni un arac? Sau de ce aracul lor era mai slab si se tot rupea? Aracul ei de ce era asa puternic? Ce vazuse aracul ala la ea? Zumzaiau si se foiau incat unora incepusera sa le cada frunzele. Insa samanta noastra nu vedea, nu auzea, iar cand era sa vorbeasca cu ele, dansele zambeau si-si scuzau galbejeala sub diferite pretexte. Alte seminte ii spusesera ca ar trebui sa bage de seama cu cine se inconjoara insa samanta noastra le apara pe-ale sale neputand sa inteleaga de ce altele insinuau rautati.

Dupa o perioada insa, samanta a inceput sa auda susoteli, sa prinda cate-un gest mai nelalocul lui si mare i-a fost mirarea cand si-a dat seama ca semintele surate planuiau ceva deloc bun. Crescuse impreuna, iesite din acelasi sol, trecute printre atatea, ele ii vroiau raul. S-a incovoiat samanta atunci, ceva inauntrul ei s-a rupt. A vrut sa se rupa singura, sa se vestejeasca si sa cada, sa ajunga una cu pamantul din care a iesit. Si toate semintele s-au dat la o parte. Doar unul singur n-a lasat-o, aracul.

Trecut-au zile, saptamani si a venit timpul sa fie smulse buruienile. Samanta noastra din atata seva varsata pe dinauntru, a crescut si a inflorit mai frumoasa ca toate celelalte. Iar aracul a sustinut-o in fiecare clipa. El ii zambea cand ea se agata mai sus iar ea ii raspundea cu un zambet la fel de frumos cand el se apropia mai tare de dansa.

Toate s-au dus, cu radacini cu frunze moarte, cu zumzet innecat si brate incovoiate. Doar samanta noastra a mai ramas, mai inalta ca niciodata, mai falnica si mai frumoasa, langa aracul drept care n-a incetat sa o tina pe drumul cel bun.

Iar in locul suratelor au fost plantate seminte noi, mai de soi care se-asteapta sa creasca mai falnice si mai brave, iar intr-un viitor apropiat, impreuna, vor da o cultura mai buna."

P.s.: Abia cand am dat sa o postez mi-am dat seama ca fara diacritice vorbim despre "Samanta"(mi-aduc aminte cand eram copil si ma uitam la serial pe tvr1 la un televizor alb negru pe lampi si ma minunam ce mai da din nas simpatica de ea).

Daca ai ajuns pana aici zic sa mergi si mai departe, cine stie unde poti ajunge?!

 In plus mai gasesti in dreapta si alte ambrambureli de-ale mele prin istoric, asta daca chiar n-ai nimic mai bun de facut.

Va urma.