Jumpin'Journal - pages of a diary (I)

     Summer - when I think about summer I immediately associate it with my experiences in Greece. I have worked and lived there for 2 years and a half during 7 summer seasons. In couple of words I went there for the first time in 2007 and I kept going back all over again because I was mesmerised by the beauty of the landscapes and the false but sweet impression of freedom.

Kalimera Kriti Hotel, Sissi, Crete(1,2), Rodos Maris Hotel, Kiotari(3), Rodos

     When I started this journal I had to lookup pictures from years ago. Watching these pictures I became nostalgic at first, angry and then calm, contemplative. After that I started thinking why are all these emotions in my head?! Every summer I spent in Greece was unique: new places, new people I met, new experiences but the thing that for me connects all the pieces together is the feeling of independence, of freedom. I was doing something for my own. I was travelling, making my own money, I was enjoying the climate, the views, the friends, the drinks, the food, the parties, the job and the list can go on and on. I felt that I was enriching my soul and everytime I have a conversation with someone about what makes us rich I say with all my heart: our experiences, our memories.

     I watched a very good movie recently, it's called "Birdman", it's nominated for the Oscars. The main idea of the movie was, in my opinion, how to stay relevant in a society in which values fade in the shadow of the grotesque which is promoted with a shameless nonchalance; it becomes frustrating to struggle to stay relevant. And I'm asking you now, how do you keep yourself relevant?

Costa Lindia Hotel, Lardos, Rodos 

     Most of us, mostly without even acknowledging, are in a permanent race to stay relevant. We are struggling on a daily bases, buying new clothes, books, games, downloading the newest aps, attending events that we consider important, following trends, trying to set new trends, having conversations, planning holidays etc etc. Nowadays internet allows us to upload anything we want and to access such a diverse palet of information. Sometimes it becomes frustrating to find a way to stand up from the crowd. We were raised in a society that sustains competitivity and I don't have anything against it as long as it doesn't go off the rails but at the end of the day we can't all be the best. And that is that. And now I'm asking you: is it that bad to be simple? Is it that bad to just be your own self? We weren't all born to be math geniuses or to walk on the Moon but the fact is nobody is totally the same like another. We are unique and we have a purpose. Everything happens for a reason and even though sometimes we don't know what is that reason , we need to keep moving, stay true to ourselves by evolving in a better us and keeping a balance and a mutual positive relation with the environement and the people around us.
     I know it sounds utopic and many other more intelligent people wrote about this subject but I arrived at the conclusion that all of this is true.

     Back to the subject of relevancy, some people are so desperate to stand out that all they achieve is to show off so much falling on the ridiculous waggon. The lucky ones make peace with themselves and realise that it's not about what the others think but themselves and the persons who truly matter in their lives.

Costa Lindia Hotel, Lardos(1), Prasonisi(2), Tsambika Beach(3), Rodos

     Looking back at the pictures I relive those moments when subconsciously I was trying so hard to stay relevant in the eyes of everyone else , except myself. Now I arrived at the conclusion that it's ok to struggle to impress for a while in an experimental phase, it's ok to make mistakes, especially when you feel the need to try everything at least once, but as the time goes by the purpose is to grow, to improve yourself, to learn from the previous experiences and to evolve into a better self.

     Even this blog if I take it as an example is in fact a way to stay relevant at a certain level. I don't have followers and probably not more than 20 people will bother reading until this point but what matters the most is that I leave a mark, a small one, an insignificant one, but still it is there in the big blogosphere, so maybe one day, who knows, somebody will read these lines and if at least one person will feel intrigued or touched by these words then even better.

     "Jumpin'Journal" I called it and I called it so because at a first sight you'll see pictures with me obviously jumping out of enthusiasm or for fun but the real meaning is between the lines, sometimes jumping over obstacles, other times smashing my head into them, jumping to conclusions compared with thinking first before I speak, a trajectory of my way of thinking and evolving over the years.
    The pics shown in this first page of this journal had been taken on Crete and Rhodes Islands between 2008 and 2011, 2 beautiful places that are worth visiting.

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 To be continued


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