Looking for new adventures - my 4th summer on Kefalonia Is., Greece

It's been a long time since my last post but you know how it is: better later than never!
This summer I've met for the first time in my life 2 romanian couples who came to Kefalonia for their first time and they told me that my blog was the reason of their holiday. WOW!!! I was totally blown away...so...people are reading Blugu'lu'Beldi!!! Well then, let me give you an update of the summer season of 2016.
Summer came to an end and the autumn leaves are covering the streets of my hometown. I arrived back to Romania at the beginning of October covering my tanned body with a sweater and a jacket as I left the 28 degrees back to Greece and got ready for barely 16 at home.

Playing with rocks on Skala beach

 It was my 4th summer on this blue and green still not fully discovered paradise called Kefalonia. As I visited more than a couple of times the most well known places on the island, this time I was concentrating on discovering new places and new adventures. Of course for you guys who are planning to visit Kefalonia for the first time I have couple of recommendations that you can find at the end of this article. As for the rest of you I will focus on describing couple of amazing adventures and places that made my summer great. The next couple of weeks I will try my best to write in detail about all my days off and all the places I've visited. For those who don't follow this blog I got to tell you that I am working as an entertainment manager in a hotel on the island, I absolutely love my job and for the past 4 summers I got the chance to live and work in an amazing place. My job is great so I don't feel like I'm working and I am so lucky to be in this position , especially in this age and time when to do what I do is considered more and more an ideal, a dream job.

Assos village
So, let's get straight to it. Assos remains my favorite place for a great meal by the seaside, surrounded by flowers and the sound of waves. I enjoy that it's not very busy and it has a certain dreamy air that make me consider it a place where I could retire to and write my memoirs.

Colourful doors and windows in Fiskardo / Antisamos beach

Antisamos is still my favourite beach as the clear blue sea, the white stones and the green hills around it transform the place in a beautiful exotic retreat. This summer I found the courage to do the "rings" at water sports there and I have to say only this: IT WAS WORTH IT!!!
I ate probably the best chocolate souffle ever in Fiskardo and I was delighted once more by the kindness of the locals and the multitude of colours of the whole place.
Next to Fiskardo I've been for the first time on Emplisi beach and it wasn't disappointing at all, clear blue water, relaxing atmosphere, a very nice forest you can walk through it's near by.

Sunset on Vrahinari beach

The best spots for seeing a sunset were this summer Vrahinari beach, where you can also have a tasteful meal in the restaurant there and Petani Bay Hotel, with its infinity pool, that was absolutely superb.

Secluded beach on the way from Vatsa to Platia Ammos, Paliki

Having a boat ride to Platia Ammos was unpredictable and a perfect last day off with my whole team, I have to thank Spyros for that, the owner of Vatsa taverna where you can also enjoy a great wine and hands down the best seafood ever.

Makris Gialos beach - Costa Costa / Myrtos beach

On the other side of the island I was enjoying once more by the view over the whole island and Zakynthos seen from Ainos Mt.; great night life in Argostoli. You can find there plenty of clubs and coffee shops open until late at night and I was surprised in a very good way that this year there was another ferry company providing trips from Lixouri to Argostoli and back until 3:30 in the morning during the high season so that facilitate our way to Argostoli and back as we were based all the way down to Kounopetra.

Platia Ammos beach seen from atop

Costa Costa / Makri Gialos beach is fun, full of young people, water sports and positive vibes. Hitchhiking to Ai Helis and Ammes beaches was an adventure worth mentioning. We had a great time relaxing and exploring the beautiful and long beach of Skala. And I finished my summer with an 1 day boat trip to Shipwreck and the blue caves, that was great as well.

Zakynthos Is. seen from the top of Ainos Mt.

Basically these are the highlights of my summer. I'll get through all of them and many more on the future posts. Next summer on my bucket list I already have two things: paragliding on Myrtos, two of my friends already did it and they made me jealous about it and parasailing on Xi beach is a must. A great relaxing massage session in Apollonion hotel has to follow.

Myself in Fiskardo :)

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Have a great evening and talk to you soon.