Sunsets on Kefalonia

I will always remember the first sunset I've seen on the seaside. It was 2007, on Peloponnese. It was my first time travelling and working abroad. I will always carry those feelings of freedom, enthusiasm and wonder that overwhelmed my body watching the sun sinking in the Ionian Sea while I was swimming for the first time in the greek waters.

Skafidia Beach, Peloponnese

Since then I've spent 9 summers in Greece and I'm quietly but still impatiently waiting for the 10th.

On Kefalonia I first arrived at the beginning of June 2013 and since then it became my home away from home. An amazing island that still preserves its wilderness and the greek traditions at high ranks compared to its neighbours, Lefkada and Zakynthos.

Today I'm going to share with you some of the most idyllic places from where you can enjoy the beauty of the Ionian Sea at sunset.

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1. Kounopetra

Of course the best sunsets you can see are on the western coast of the island and I'm starting with the southern point which is entitled Kounopetra. Its name comes from the "moving stone" a geological phenomenon that used to take place there for years without having any scientifical explanation. This area is the place where I am living and working. It is a privilege to walk to dinner while the sun is setting slowly between the pine branches. A short stroll takes me to the place I took these photos.

2. Vrahinari Beach

Almost 2 km away from Kounopetra there is Vrahinari, a quiet and sandy beach. I recommend you to have dinner in the restaurant close to the beach - fresh sea food and tasteful wine while your eyes feast with a stunning view over the sun setting slowly in the Ionian Sea.

3. Petani Beach

Petani is still considered a hidden treasure. The road is pretty challenging, riding up in the mountains, then going down one curve at a time, but it is more than worthed. Either you're on the beach or up for the panorama view in one of the hotels, the picture is as close to perfection as it gets. The pictures below talk for themselves.

4. Myrtos Beach

The iconic beach amazes its vistors with turquoise waters and white pebbles. Everyone who has been there has taken at least one picture with the amazing view from the hills beside. For those who love a challenge, go and try paragliding over Myrtos. It is as good as it gets. 

5. Assos 

Leaving Myrtos you'll get to the idyllic village of Assos, a beautiful bay with colourful houses and a spectacular view provided from the citadel on top of the hill next to it. I recommend you to stop at the upper point before you drive down to Assos. There you will risk falling in love irremediably with the sight of the blue sea and the golden sun going to sleep.

6. Makri Gialos Beach/Costa Costa

Moving towards the eastern part of the island there are couple of places where the sun can be seen setting behind the hills, one of this ones is Makri Gialos Beach. Long, wide and sandy, the beach is very busy in the summer time providing sunbeds, watersports, volley courts, bars and restaurants.

7. Aenos Mt.

Drive up Mount Ainos and you will be surprised how cool is to leave the heat behind and to enjoy fresh air, a walk in the forrest and the brilliant view that stretches towards Zakynthos, mainland Greece, Lefkada and Ithaka. Spend a little longer time for a sunset as no other. That's the moment and the place to feel as a God on Olympus.

8. Argostoli

The capital and the main city of Kefalonia tends to get crowded in July, August with its many coffee shops and tavernas, clubs and souvenir shops. Feeling a bit suffocated? No problem! Jump on the ferry and travel to Lixouri village. Enjoy the 30 minutes ride and discover a quiet yet alive village. On the way back enjoy a moment of beauty as the sun sets down kissing the shadows.

These were my favourite places to watch the sunset on Kefalonia. What do you think about them? Are you interested in visiting Kefalonia or Greece in the near future? Let me know in the comments.


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