24Hours in Bergamo and Milano

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Today I'm going to take you on a short journey on the beautiful rocky streets of the picturesque Bergamo and Milan in Italy. Ready?! Buckle up! Here we go!

Bergamo is a city in Lombardy, Italy, about 40 km northeast of Milan and 30 km from the lakes Como and Iseo. The foothills of the Bergamo Alps begin immediately north of the town. As of 2015, Bergamo is the second most visited city in Lombardy after Milan.
I had the chance to spend a wonderful,sunny 1st of December there, back in 2015

The town has two centres: "Città alta" (upper city), a hilltop medieval town, surrounded by 16th-century cyclopic defensive walls, and the "Città bassa" (lower city). The two parts of the town are connected by funicular/cable car, roads, and foot-paths.

I arrived in Bergamo around noon flying from Bucharest with Ryan Air. There wasn't time to waste so I took the first bus to the Upper City and in couple of minutes I was already waiting for the cable car to take me back on the alleys of italian history. One short espresso and I was 100% ready.

The upper city, surrounded by Venetian walls built in the 16th century, forms the historic centre of Bergamo. Città Alta is an extremely expensive place to live in, with properties being sold for five to twelve thousand euro per square meter.(Wikipedia) Knowing this I am glad I can admire the place realising I will probably never afford to live here.

The city has numerous places of interest including: Cittadella (Citadel), built by the Visconti in the mid-14th century, Piazza Vecchia (old square), Palazzo della Ragione.
If you are a history and arhitecture fan then you are in for a treat. Walking on the narrow streets of the Upper City of Bergamo is a pleasure for the eye and a lesson of style.

Other places I would recommend to visit are: Palazzo Nuovo (Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai), Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore (Saint Mary Major), Cappella Colleoni (Colleoni chapel), annexed to Santa Maria Maggiore - a masterwork of Renaissance architecture and decorative art.
Bergamo Cathedral (Duomo) - built in the late 17th century, Rocca (Castle), San Michele al Pozzo Bianco - a church built in the 12th century, Museo Civico Archeologico (Archaeological Civic Museum), Museo di Scienze Naturali Enrico Caffi (Caffi Natural Science Museum) are other places of worth visiting.

The day is passing by very fast and I take hundreds of photos of the breath taking arhitectural beauties. Maybe I haven't mentioned but it is my first time in Italy and I can honestly say this is an amazing experience. After visiting the Castle and Orto Botanico di Bergamo "Lorenzo Rota" (botanical garden) is time to take a well deserved lunch break in one of the many restaurants of Bergamo.

After I ate the most delicious pastas ever and I had a refreshing unfiltered beer it's time to start again the journey. I adore the little family shops I pass by on the way to take the cable car. I couldn't not stop for buying some sweets. One bus ride later I arrived to the train station where I had to drink another espresso. I arrived in Milan when the night already fell. I had a bit of rest during the train ride and I am ready to discover a little piece of the fashion capital.

Milan is a city in Italy, capital of the Lombardy region. Its museums, theatres and landmarks (including the Milan Cathedral, Sforza Castle and Leonardo da Vinci paintings such as The Last Supper, a UNESCO World Heritage Site) attract over 9 million visitors annually.

Milan Central Train Station(Milano Centrale) is considered to be one of the most beautiful European train stations. This Milan train station was originally built in 1864 and it is centrally located; not far away from many of Milan’s popular sites.
One hour since I arrived, I already checked in the hotel where I'll spend the night, I took the subway and I arrived in Piazza del Duomo("Cathedral Square"). This is the main city square of Milan.

It is named after the Milan Cathedral (the Duomo) and marks the center of the city, both in a geographic sense and because of its importance from an artistic, cultural and social point of view.
The city square includes some of the most important buildings of Milan and it is by far the foremost tourist attraction of the city.

"While the piazza was originally created in the 14th century and has been gradually developing ever since (along with the Duomo, that took about six centuries to complete), its overall plan, in its current form, is largely due to architect Giuseppe Mengoni, and dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The monumental buildings that mark its sides, with the main exception of the Duomo itself and the Royal Palace, were introduced by Mengoni's design; the most notable of Mengoni's addition to the piazza is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II arcade."(Wikipedia)

After a stroke along the streets of the city center and a great gellato, it's time for some souvenirs and dinner. Around midnight I am in bed trying to sleep after such an extraordinary day. I am still on "action-mode" so when I wake up early before sunrise, I feel like a bus ran over me.

One bus ride to the Bergamo airport and I am up in the air on my way back home. The sun is rising between the clouds. I leave Italy behind me promising that one day I will return for a longer stay. Rome, Sicily, Pisa and Amalfi Coast are on my bucket list.

Have you ever been to Italy? Which are your top 3 favourite places you have visited?
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