Random Friday night

get the work done in time. the expectations are rising. i have to finish these tasks in time. it's 1am. i'm free. let's take a chance. i found myself riding with some strangers in a late night taxi to an unknown place. i'm finally there. i'm here. damn!!! there's plenty of fishes in the sea. another vodka-red bull and i'm the king of the dance floor. eyes are hungry,heart is bumping. i have so much love to give! another glass and i'm on it. come to me! let me explore your curves. i don't need to know your name. we're just 2 strangers in a room full of empty bottles on the floor. ur a virgo and i'm a scorpio..i just might take ur number..or not... lay ur arms around my body and breathe those empty words in my ear. my friends? where are they? one is drinking alone by the bar,another is trying his charms on a blonde girl...i'm happy if they're happy...or..i'm just happy...i need another vodka the night is young but the time is old...there's that rock song i hate but i'm doing these weird steps with you...find me... there's a shark in the water..there's something underneath my bed there's a bumping in my head..... as the taxi drives by i'm watching the lonely people waiting for the morning bus...i'm counting wishes... oh,my wonderful star...u are shining so far right now..it seems impossible for me to reach u ... take a photo of the sun rising...me happy...me in my bed...with 2 dinosaurs playing tennis in my head.... hug me,pillow...love me,bedsheets

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