My 5th summer on Kefalonia, Greece

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It has been another interesting summer on the island of Kefalonia, Greece and here I am once again with my thoughts and recommendations about it. Today I hope to get you hooked and ready to book your summer 2018 holiday to Kefalonia.

Myrtos beach at sunset

My 5th summer on Kefalonia was a challenging one as I faced new situations, new colleagues, known places but also new ones, some good friends, some old friends I haven't seen since more than 6 years ago but overall it was a brilliant season. I've traveled to known and loved places and I've also been to new, exciting spots.

Assos village

My favorite places remain the picturesque village of Assos and the beautiful Antisamos beach, but I had the opportunity not only to re visit other touristic places on the island, but also to be amazed by new ones.

Antisamos beach

The small Alaties and Kimilia beaches, hiking to the amazing Fteri beach, discovering secluded beaches on a boat ride sailing north from Agia Efimia, visiting old lighthouses in Fiskardo and Paliki peninsula and many other examples are on my "new things that I have done this summer on Kefalonia" list.

                                   Alaties beach                                                Kimilia beach

First I will start by saying that I am still in love with Greece. 10 summers I have lived and worked there and I am still surprised of how much I am attracted by its mix of sun and sea, fun and discoveries, history and culture, tradition and modern etc. etc. Every time I go back it feels like I have never truly left. It feels like a place of freedom and wonder.

Petani beach 

Kefalonia has been my second home for the past 5 summers. This last season I had the chance to revisit couple of must see places such as Petani, Myrtos, Assos, Fiskardo, Antisamos, Ainos and also feed my sense of discovery and adventure by exploring new parts of the island.

Myrtos beach (panorama point)

One of my highlights was hiking to Fteri beach which is considered a hidden gem. The twin sister of Myrtos beach is an amazing oasis of pure natural beauty. You can either walk for about 40 minutes to the beach, through a rough, short forest on the edge of the cliffs in the summer heat, like I did, or you can rent a boat or pay for a boat taxi from the closest village, Zola. It was pretty hard to get to Fteri by foot and I recommend it just for the ones who are in a good shape. Anyhow it was totally worth it. The blue sea, the white rocks, the dramatic scenery, they all left a big impression on me. See below some pictures I took.

 Another beautiful surprise was exploring more than 10 small, secluded beaches in the close vicinity of Agia Efimia village. It was my last day off with some of my colleagues and we planned to rent a boat so I got in touch with "Yellow boats company", great people, very friendly and helpful, and on the 23rd of September we embarked on a one day boat trip. My friend, Aleksandra was our captain. She learned in less than an hour how to sail the boat in the harbour.

We explored couple of beautiful, small and hidden beaches north from Agia Efimia village. The weather was warm. It wasn't very windy so we got lucky. I remember when we started sailing that the wind was blowing the water into our faces and we took cover under towels and jackets but after couple of minutes it stopped. At the end of the day we were relaxed, I also sailed a bit and I swam. The water was still at a good temperature for the end of September and in conclusion we had a great relaxing day. I totally recommend you try this while on Kefalonia. See for yourselves:

Many more details about places I have visited on the island, hitch hiking adventures, summer parties, amazing people and experiences will come your way very soon. Just be sure to keep an eye on my blog these days.


St. Theodore's Lighthouse

Drogarati and Melissani Caves

If you want to know more details about other amazing places to visit while on Kefalonia, such as Petani beach or Ainos Mt., Assos village, Skala or Poros, be sure to check my "Kefalonian Chronicles"  or "10 Reasons why to visit Kefalonia", an article I wrote a while ago describing the vast pallet of tourist attractions on the island.

Until next time.

Travel well and everywhere!


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