Kefalonia 2017 Calendar - A Christmas present

Hello travellers. It's that time of the year when wishes and presents are taking a first row seat on your priorities' show. I thought to surprise you with a Kefalonia 2017 Calendar. I took these photos last summer and I'm happy to share them with you.

Playing with rocks on the long, quiet beach of Skala.

Red sand Xi beach is waiting for the next summer.

Skala again, this time in front of this amazing 5* hotel, Regina Dell' Aqua.

The picturesque village of Assos is a burst of colours and sounds.

Fiskardo remains a wonderful colourful village where you can always be surprised to meet different stars walking by the sea side.

Makri Gialos/Costa Costa beach is the greatest place for youngsters, water sports and beach sports.

Are you up for an adventure?! Try to get to Platia Ammos beach. I recommend you to choose to go there by boat.

Emblisi beach is a delight for the eyes. Situated close to Fiskardo, the white beach and the light blue water are mesmerising.

Antisamos is my favourite beach. I had an amazing time doing water sports there. The area is surrounded my green forests and the view over Sami from the Acropolis of Same, situated very close to the beach, is breath taking.

Feel free to discover secluded beautiful beaches such as this one, close to Kipoureon monastery on Paliki peninsula.

There is nothing better for me than a sunset at the seaside. There are plenty of amazing spots on the island where you can be amazed by the beauty of the landscape but this one did it for me last summer, Petani Bay Hotel with its infinity pool - 7 stars.

Sometimes it also rains on the island. We were surprised that at the end of June we had such a day on Petani beach. But you can turn the situation around taking a picture of a storm while enjoying a cold beer in a taverna on the beach.

Aenos Mt. offers great panoramic views to Zante, Lefkada, Ithaka and even mainland. A breath of fresh air while hiking in this protected area is always welcomed in the middle of the melting summer below.

Bonus for you: the emblematic Myrtos beach, the most well known spot on Kefalonia, a must see on the island.

There are many other beautiful places to see all around the island and you can discover them below.

Be sure to have a look on my "10 Reasons why to visit Kefalonia" list.

Until next time have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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