The "westpark" train station

I have lived near a railway station for as long as I remember ... whether it was in the southern or the western part of my city.Sometimes when I talk on the phone my friends ask me: "-What's that sound?! The train!?"
I stopped caring about the sound of the locomotives or about the gnashing sound of the trainwheels on the railway a long time ago.
I used to sit on the platforms of big railway stations,small or imaginary stations, always waiting for a train to somewhere else.
When i was younger my grandfather used to take me to the West train station. He knew that on the platform between the 3rd and 4th railway there was a pile of sand in which I could build castles. I remember the wind blowing thorough my hair every time a train arrived.
We all hear stories about people who run after the train and end up under its wheels, we hear about certain train wrecks, we read about the famous Orient Express and we accept the train name changing from fast train to interregional.
Even if one day I move somewhere else in this world ... I'll always remember the sound of the train in the western train station in my hometown, Ploiesti.

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